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Screw Machined Valve

Steel screw machined valve

This steel Control Valve is screw machined, tumbled, drilled and threaded to customer requirements. Each screw machine part has a very smooth, 63RA finish and can operate within temperatures ranging from 0° to 450°F. 

After this precision manufactured part is ultrasonic washed, it receives a zinc plating to prevent corrosion.

Once the finished parts are tested – to ensure they meet customer requirements – we securely pack each product into plastic trays. These plastic trays prevent any damage than can occur during transit or operator handling.

Weighing less than 0.75lbs, this valve has exceeded client expectations since 2008.

The estimated annual usage has remained very steady as a mature product line.

Dimensions4.210" x 1.062"
MaterialSAE 1045
Tightest Tolerances+0"/-0.001"
ProcessesScrew Machining, Tumbling, Drilling, Threading, Heat Treatment, Ultra Sonic Cleaning


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